Driven by people.

We support companies in promoting and managing human capital. Our aim is to guarantee competitiveness and leadership to our partners



People Management Partner

As experts in Human Resources,
we help you get the best out of your organisation.

As a People Management Partner, WAIM provides a concrete response to the requirements of all businesses in the management of their HR capital.

Thanks to our consultants’ long experience, we can support businesses in their corporate restructuring and staff performance enhancing campaigns.

We are professionals. We use special tools and methodologies to manage, evaluate and reward businesses and help them to grow along with their staff.

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A winning
team for
a winning
organisation .

We will assist in the day-to-day management of your corporate team, supporting growth processes and helping with even the most complex change management projects.

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We will help your company get the best out of its human capital, to make your business a winning one.

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We help you through the complexities involved in growth and change.

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By appraising the performance of your team, we can help you promote their talents.


Icona Organization


We help clients to design new organisations or adapt their existing ones to suit their markets, also defining the functions and job descriptions of each team member.

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Icona Management policies

Management policies

We can analyse the company's attitude to its workforce and suggest the latest management techniques to guarantee the long-term success of your business.

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Icona HR Development

HR Development

We define professional development pathways for your team members, coordinating their tasks and duties with the training and performance appraisal process.

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Icona Compensation


Our services are aimed at building a remuneration policy that recognises good performance and rewards continuous improvement.

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Icona Welfare consulting

Welfare consulting

Partnering your business as it implements its welfare policies: we can help with decisions and in drawing up welfare plans.

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Icona HR Temporary Management

Hr temporary management

Our team of experts is on hand: we can intervene directly within your organisation at key moments or in special circumstances requiring major HR input.

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Feralpi cerca giovani laureati con l’“x factor”.

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Stipendi. Si torna indietro anche nelle aziende sane.

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La donna che sfida Trump.

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